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Nex Patch W

NEX PATCH “W” is an asphalt based, white patching compound that has been specially formulated for use in an aerosol can. NEX PATCH “W” provides a durable, flexible, rubberized coating which seals and acoustically reduces unwanted vibration and sound. NEX PATCH “W” bonds to all surfaces and forms an impervious seal to water. NEX PATCH “W” contains a unique synthetic rubber which enhances the products performance in harsh weather conditions. NEX PATCH “W” stays pliable in the cold of winter, and yet will not sag, melt or drip in the heat of summer. NEX PATCH “W” protects, repairs and beautifies all surfaces with a simple sweep of the hand. NEX PATCH “W” is the quick, effective, long lasting way to patch all surfaces. Product Code ANW315

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