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APPLAUSE HAND CLEANER is a concentrated, industrial strength hand cleaner fortified with special skin conditioners and contains no solvents, dyes or perfumes. APPLAUSE HAND CLEANER cleans deep down to remove even the most stubborn grease, oils, carbon, paints, tar, adhesives, printing inks, grime and much more. APPLAUSE HAND CLEANER’s supreme [Read More...]

The natural solution of enzyme producing bacteria that gives instant and residual odor control. BAC-AIDE BERRY contains 6 strains at a concentration of a minimum of 200 billion (per gallon) colony forming units of specifically designed bacteria. BAC-AIDE BERRY is designed for malodors caused by dampness, mildew, mold, food waste, [Read More...]

The natural solution of enzyme producing bacteria that gives instant and residual odor control. BAC-AIDE I/F (ISLAND FRESH) contains 6 strains at a concentration of a minimum of 200 billion (per gallon) colony forming units of specifically designed bacteria. BAC-AIDE I/F is specifically designed for malodors caused by dampness, mildew, [Read More...]

A unique odor control granule soaked into crushed walnut shells. Effectively eliminates foul odors at the source, ideal for trash bins, dumpsters and surrounding areas, compactors, cigarette urns, etc. Easy to use, simply sprinkle at the source of the odors. Provides a pleasant berry odor for up to 30 days. [Read More...]

C-CLEARLY Q is a glass and hard surface cleaner that has been formulated to create a residue free cleaner that eliminates spots, film and streaks. C-CLEARLY Q may be used on any surface not harmed by water. C-CLEARLY Q cleans by lifting and loosening dirt and grime. C-CLEARLY Q cleans [Read More...]

A unique hand cleaning wipe combining powerful cleaning agents with gentle emollients. This solvent free formula will not dry out or defat the skin. Requires no rinsing and leaves no residue. Also works well on cleaning tools and many other hard, non-porous surfaces. Has a pleasant cherry scent. Product Code [Read More...]

CITRA POWER is a Nature Friendly Certified product made from all natural solvents, cleaner and surfactants. This remarkable formula mixes easily with water yet maintains its cleaning ability even at dilution rates as high as 64 to 1. CITRA POWER is biodegradable and contains no phosphates, chlorine or animal by-products [Read More...]

CITRI-POW is a heavy-duty industrial strength foam cleaner and degreaser. CITRI-POW enables simple and easy cleanup of tools, parts, workbenches, vent covers, machinery, coils, industrial equipment, concrete and more. CITRI-POW sprays an engulfing, heavy-duty foam that clings to surfaces and provides extended cleaning contact time. CITRI-POW contains super powerful, water [Read More...]

An all purpose product that dusts, cleans and shines in one simple step. Uniquely formulated with NO chlorinated solvents, NO wax and NO silicones. Cleans and polishes with never any build up. Soak in formulation that restores life and brilliance to wood. Features a 360º spray anyway valve. Product Code [Read More...]

An all natural drain and trap deodorizer and sealer. ECO SEAL is excellent for use in no-flush waterless urinals. It creates a non-soluble seal of a deodorizing liquid in the trap that won’t dry out. Works well at solving odor problems from dried out traps, keeping them wet and odor [Read More...]

ENVIRO SOLIDIFIER is a powder that will solidify latex paint or other water based product that is safe to dispose of in a landfill. Can be used to contain spills and solidify unused paints. Our 30 lb bucket will treat 107 gallons of paint waste. It is great for quickly [Read More...]

A fast acting, all natural absorbent containing hydrocarbon bio-remediating microorganisms. Encapsulates the spill, and will not leak out. Converts hydrocarbons into simple forms of carbon dioxide and water. ENVIRO SORB absorbs at least 8 times more than most clay-based sorbents. An environmentally sensitive product. Not for use on acids and/or [Read More...]

An active odor eliminator designed to counteract organic odors from human and animal waste, urine, body odors and fecal matter. ENZY FRENZY uses natural bio-enzyme power to digest organic wastes and eliminate the odors they generate. Product Code AEF515     [Read More...]

FASTO is an all purpose, water-based cleaner and degreaser containing no butyl or phosphates. FASTO is a completely safe, environmentally friendly, multi-purpose product that is safe on all surfaces not harmed by water. FASTO’s neutral formula will not harm metals or damage wood, yet is strong enough to clean heavy [Read More...]

A one step hand sanitizing system, GERM BE GONE combines both an abrasive, non-scratching wipe and a highly effective skin sanitizing formula. Effectively kills 99.9 percent of disease causing germs. An effective, moisturizing, antimicrobial formula that kills many organisms, including E-coli, Salmonella, Staph and Strep. Product Code WGG447     [Read More...]

GREEN OXY is an industrial strength all purpose cleaner, degreaser, and stain remover powered with hydrogen peroxide and d-limonene. GREEN OXY is specially formulated with a stable form of hydrogen peroxide at a high pH level, so it remains in an active state for a longer period of time than [Read More...]

GREEN STEEL CSP is a unique, revolutionary new product that is completely biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, safe to the environment, and works exceptionally well. GREEN STEEL CSP is a uniquely compounded oil-based formula that safely cleans stainless steel, then buffs to a dry film that protects from the environment. This protective [Read More...]

GREEN WASH SPRAY N SHINE is a unique, revolutionary new product that is completely biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, safe to the environment, and works exceptionally well. GREEN WASH SPRAY N SHINE safely cleans all car finishes without using any water and without damaging the paint. Product Code QGW721 [Read More...]

A safe replacement for harsh acidic-based products for urinal maintenance. Safely dissolves uric salt crystals and other hard water build-ups that cause slow drains and odor problems. Non-reactive and does not generate any harsh fumes. Completely safe on all bathroom surfaces and plumbing fixtures. Product Code QGE489 [Read More...]

NEXGEL is a highly concentrated blend of all organic and biodegradable solvents specially formulated as an organic engine degreaser. NEXGEL sprays to a unique gel base, which allows it to cling to vertical surfaces, quickly penetrating and emulsifying tar, asphalt, grease, creosote and oils. After cleaning, NEXGEL may be easily [Read More...]

Nexzymes 106 is a concentrated, dry blend, of stabilized bacterial spores and micronutrients. Packed in 1 pound individual, water soluble packets, makes portion control easy. This rapidly dissolving packet and unique micronutrient enriched carrier, provides accelerated germination, growth and superior enzyme production, while reducing odor and suspended solids. Nexzymes 106 [Read More...]

ODOR DIGESTER SPONGE is a solid, paste-gel containing activated charcoal to absorb and neutralize undesirable odors and fumes. ODOR DIGESTER SPONGE is designed for continuous use, is non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally safe and easy to use. The molecules of the ODOR DIGESTER SPONGE, when air borne, have the ability to chemically [Read More...]

ORANGE AID is an effective drain cleaner, deodorizer and maintainer, plus it is an excellent all purpose degreaser and cleaner that is completely organic. ORANGE AID is environmentally friendly, containing absolutely no petroleum distillates. ORANGE AID contains a powerful blend of natural degreasers and deodorizers, formulated to out perform the [Read More...]

PURE FORCE is a natural solvent-based product designed to clear and deodorize clogged drain lines. PURE FORCE is environmentally friendly, and contains NO petroleum distillates, NO chlorinated solvents, NO caustics and NO acids. This aerosol delivers pure product with a high-pressure spray through an extension tube directly to the source [Read More...]

Formulated entirely from non-toxic food materials, RatX™ is a revolutionary new product for rat and mice control. RatX™ is NOT a poison, it is an effective rat and mouse killer that provides you with the efficacy you need and the peace of mind you’ve always wanted. Comes in 2 convenient [Read More...]

REPEL BAND is a wristband which yields 120 hours of effective use. The vapors from the wristband form a 15' protective shield around the area keeping insects a safe distance away. Simply strap the wristband around your wrist, ankle, belt loop, cap or anywhere you want to use it. After [Read More...]

SAFE-D SCALE is a safer and alternative replacement for harsh acid descalers. SAFE-D SCALE replaces harsh descalers and acid blend products to take care of a large variety of cleaning and maintenance problems. SAFE-D SCALE is a viscous liquid that clings to the surface to be cleaned, which increases dwell [Read More...]

SLIME OUT is an air conditioner condensate pan and drain line cleaner and deodorizer. SLIME OUT is a revolutionary concept in algae and slime control for air conditioning refrigeration equipment. Avoid clogging from the start by adding SLIME OUT to condensate pans of all air conditioning refrigeration units. SLIME OUT [Read More...]

SOY GRAFFITI REMOVER is a soy based, heavy duty graffiti remover. SOY GRAFFITI REMOVER is extremely effective, biodegradable and made with sustainable, plant-based ingredients. SOY GRAFFITI REMOVER works well on all hard surfaces, such as Lexan, plastic, laminate, glass, Formica, baked enamel surfaces, brick, metal, brass, chrome, tile, concrete and [Read More...]

SOY RELEASE is an earth friendly, non-petroleum asphalt release agent. SOY RELEASE is a complex blend of methyl soyate (an all natural soybean oil ester), designed to replace diesel and/or kerosene as a release agent. The esters will not allow asphalt to stick to them, hence protecting whatever surface they [Read More...]

STAR POWER is a super concentrated, heavy-duty degreaser formulated for industrial use. STAR POWER emulsifies grease and oil on contact, and can be used on engines, tools, concrete floors, stoves, hoods, mechanical equipment and more. STAR POWER is designed to attack and clean the dirtiest, greasiest areas. STAR POWER is [Read More...]

SUPER SORB is a quick acting vomit absorbent and deodorizer. SUPER SORB quickly absorbs all water-based spills and helps you quickly clean them up before serious damage or accident occurs. The non-flammable granules absorb and hold up to 60 times their own weight. SUPER SORB is easy to use, simply [Read More...]

TROPICAL MAGIC is a 100% biodegradable all surface cleaner that degreases, deodorizes and freshens with a light tropical fragrance.  TROPICAL MAGIC contains no phosphates, solvents, or other harsh chemicals, and leaves no sticky residue. Product Code QTM017 [Read More...]

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