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C-CLEARLY is a foaming glass and hard surface cleaner that has been formulated to create a residue free cleaner that eliminates spots, film and streaks. C-CLEARLY may be used on any surface not harmed by water. C-CLEARLY cleans by lifting and loosening dirt and grime while leaving a light pleasant [Read More...]

NEX PLEX is a foaming aerosol plastic and lexan cleaner and protectant. Provides a clear, invisible, anti-fog, anti-static cleaner and coating that repels dirt, dust, chemicals, finger smudges and scratches from lexan and plastics. NEX PLEX is also effective on glass, chrome, Formica, fiberglass and marble.   [Read More...]

STAR SHINE is an aerosol glass, mirror and all surface cleaner. Easy to use, simple spray and wipe formula. Dries without leaving any film or residue. STAR SHINE dissolves grease, dirt, pollution film and fingerprints in one wipe. Safe on windows, mirrors, windshields, chrome, tile, porcelain, acrylics, polycarbonates and more. [Read More...]

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