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APPLAUSE HAND CLEANER is a concentrated, industrial strength hand cleaner fortified with special skin conditioners and contains no solvents, dyes or perfumes. APPLAUSE HAND CLEANER cleans deep down to remove even the most stubborn grease, oils, carbon, paints, tar, adhesives, printing inks, grime and much more. APPLAUSE HAND CLEANER’s supreme [Read More...]

ASAP is a high quality anti-seize that has a unique applicator that allows the compound to be easily applied without dripping, mess or waste. ASAP protects metal from galling, seizing or pitting and makes removal of nuts and bolts easy even after exposure to extremely high temperatures. ASAP is completely [Read More...]

ASAP COPPER is a high quality anti-seize compound that makes the removal of nuts and bolts easy, even after exposure to extremely high temperatures (up to 1800°F). Our unique applicator allows the compound to be quickly applied to threads without dripping, mess or waste. Now you can get a tough [Read More...]

ASTRO LUBE is an all weather, heavy duty, multi-purpose penetrating grease. ASTRO LUBE sprays as a liquid, creeps to lubrication point like an oil, then cures to a thick, water resistant grease. ASTRO LUBE provides non-staining lubrication that guards surfaces against rust and corrosion. ASTRO LUBE is heat stable to [Read More...]

Battery Saver is a non-tacky, flexible coating that provides long-term corrosion protection for battery terminal posts, housings, cables ends, and supports. Curtails leakage and extends battery life. Provides superior acid-alkali resistance. Protects batteries in storage or in use. Product Code ABS496       [Read More...]

Battery Terminal Cleaner cleans corrosion and neutralizes acids on battery terminals and cables. This product contains an acid indicator that changes color in the presence of acid to help detect leaks. It leaves a protective coating to eliminate additional corrosion buildup. Product Code ABC121     [Read More...]

Provides fresh smelling air to an entire area in just minutes. Works best where there is an air flow through the bag. They are primarily designed for HVAC systems, but serve to help in many other applications where malodors are present. Available in various fragrances including watermelon, fresh n clean, [Read More...]

BELT DRESSING is an aerosol spray designed to increase power and performance by reducing slippage of all types of power belts including round, flat or V. Compatible with fabric, leather or rubber belts. Reduces belt slippage which yields increased equipment efficiency. Helps clean and prolong life of belts and significantly [Read More...]

A black RTV silicone for oxygen sensors. This RTV silicone is great to use to create gaskets in place, is also an excellent adhesive, sealant and caulk. Ideally suited wherever a strong, permanently flexible weatherproof caulk, adhesive or sealant is needed. Excellent as an adhesive for bonding plastic and metal.  [Read More...]

BLIZZARD 2010 is a special blend of silicone and wax that provides a slick, non-stick coating that prevents ice and snow from sticking to plows, shovels and other snow removal equipment. Once a surface is treated with BLIZZARD 2010 it also becomes water and rust resistant. BLIZZARD 2010 provides superior [Read More...]

BRAKE CLEAN is a high quality, non-chlorinated solvent blend that can be applied to discs or drums, as well as CV joints to lift and wash soil, grease, oil, fluids and contaminants without disassembly of the brake system. BRAKE CLEAN is an effective formulation that will not contaminated recycling waste [Read More...]

CARB CLEAN is an aerosol spray cleaner for carburetors and automatic chokes that dissolves gums, varnish, red oxide, and other residues which might interfere with the running of the vehicle. Contains no chlorinated solvents. Periodic use improves gas mileage and overall engine performance. Product Code ACC302 [Read More...]

CHILL-OUT is new technology that immediately freezes and shrinks seized and corroded nuts, bolts, pins, hinges, and studs allowing the lubricant to penetrate and loosen the toughest applications. Spraying a liberal amount on the area will allow CHILL-OUT to reach deeper in the toughest of applications and work more successfully [Read More...]

CITRA POWER is a Nature Friendly Certified product made from all natural solvents, cleaner and surfactants. This remarkable formula mixes easily with water yet maintains its cleaning ability even at dilution rates as high as 64 to 1. CITRA POWER is biodegradable and contains no phosphates, chlorine or animal by-products [Read More...]

CITRI-POW is a heavy-duty industrial strength foam cleaner and degreaser. CITRI-POW enables simple and easy cleanup of tools, parts, workbenches, vent covers, machinery, coils, industrial equipment, concrete and more. CITRI-POW sprays an engulfing, heavy-duty foam that clings to surfaces and provides extended cleaning contact time. CITRI-POW contains super powerful, water [Read More...]

CLEAR LUBE II is a multi-purpose penetrating lubricant aerosol spray that provides all the performance required of the most demanding industrial, auto/fleet, and marine applications. It also features an inconspicuous, water clear appearance for use in even the most obvious locations. Sprays clear and remains clear after curing. Product Code [Read More...]

The DETAIL SPONGE eliminates stubborn stains on walls, wallpaper, doors, floorboards, tile, wood flooring, countertops, work surfaces, lockers, signs, dry-erase boards, copy machines, vinyl, glass, plastic trim, leather, hard furniture, outdoor furniture, shower doors, car wheels stainless cookware, computer monitors and hardware, church pews, sneakers and more. Product Code BDS951 [Read More...]

DRY MOLY is a dry film lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide. Dries quickly with a minimal amount of material transference. Will not carbonize under extreme temperatures. DRY MOLY is deal for those lubricating jobs when a liquid lubricant cannot be used. Packed in convenient to use aerosol can. Product Code ADM385 [Read More...]

A fast acting, all natural absorbent containing hydrocarbon bio-remediating microorganisms. Encapsulates the spill, and will not leak out. Converts hydrocarbons into simple forms of carbon dioxide and water. ENVIRO SORB absorbs at least 8 times more than most clay-based sorbents. An environmentally sensitive product. Not for use on acids and/or [Read More...]

An active odor eliminator designed to counteract organic odors from human and animal waste, urine, body odors and fecal matter. ENZY FRENZY uses natural bio-enzyme power to digest organic wastes and eliminate the odors they generate. Product Code AEF515     [Read More...]

GREEN FIRE is an advanced granular ice melter that is formulated with a blend of sodium and magnesium chloride for fast performance in the toughest environments. The powerful formula works immediately to melt ice, frost and snow. Product Code GGF288 [Read More...]

GREEN WASH SPRAY N SHINE is a unique, revolutionary new product that is completely biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, safe to the environment, and works exceptionally well. GREEN WASH SPRAY N SHINE safely cleans all car finishes without using any water and without damaging the paint. Product Code QGW721 [Read More...]

A unique hand cleaning wipe combining powerful cleaning agents with gentle emollients. This solvent free formula will not dry out or defat the skin. Requires no rinsing and leaves no residue. Also works well on cleaning tools and many other hard, non-porous surfaces. Has a pleasant scent. Comes in large [Read More...]

This aerosol formulation is a fast, simple, and safe way to quickly melt ice and frost from windows, windshields, and headlights. It is effective on door, ignition and trunk locks, steps and equipment. Improves traction of wheels on ice. Prevents fogging when applied to inside of window. Product Code AIO467 [Read More...]

ICE OFF, ARCTIC BLUE™ Icemelter helps control ice and snow dependably and safely, Works down to -15°C (+5°F). A basic blue icemelter that is economical and effective on snow & ice, while being very easy to use. ICE OFF, ARCTIC BLUE™ Icemelter provides instant traction due to its granular format [Read More...]

ICE OFF ARCTIC GREEN ice melter is made up primarily from three ingredients, potassium acetate, CMA and sodium chloride. Contains anti-corrosives that help to reduce the level of corrosiveness in the product making it a better choice to use on sensitive surfaces. The green color is environmentally friendly, and when [Read More...]

ICE OFF ORGANIC ice melter is made primarily from potassium chloride and its by-products making it the choice of those concerned about the environment. ICE OFF ORGANIC  ice melter is a premium product designed to tackle the worst winter weather conditions, while still being completely organic and environmentally safe. ICE [Read More...]

JOY TO THE WORLD is an aluminum complex grease, specially formulated for the food process and beverage industry. JOY TO THE WORLD provides excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear protection, and can be used over a wide temperature range. JOY TO THE WORLD has excellent resistance to water, steam, acids, and [Read More...]

LIFT OUT is a unique liquid stain absorbent and remover. It is highly effective against oils, greases, BBQ grill stains, silicone oils from tire dressings, and other stains. It is ideal for use on asphalt, concrete, paving stones, pressure treated wood, composite decking, and other surfaces. Easy to apply by [Read More...]

NEX SOLV is one of the most powerful industrial solvent cleaners available. NEX SOLV is fast drying, non-flammable, and non-conductive to 29,000 volts. NEX SOLV dries residue free and is corrosion inhibited for protection of all surfaces. Use NEX SOLV to remove grease, oil, dirt, and other deposits from electric [Read More...]

NEXTAPE is a revolutionary silicone repair tape designed for use wherever a tough, high temperature, permanently resilient insulation or seal is required. NEXTAPE is versatile and easy to use, with no sticky residue. Properly installed, NEXTAPE provides an air tight, moisture-free seal around hoses, fittings, tubes and wire harness bundles. [Read More...]

NEXGEL is a highly concentrated blend of all organic and biodegradable solvents specially formulated as an organic engine degreaser. NEXGEL sprays to a unique gel base, which allows it to cling to vertical surfaces, quickly penetrating and emulsifying tar, asphalt, grease, creosote and oils. After cleaning, NEXGEL may be easily [Read More...]

NEXGEN ROAD SALT NEUTRALIZER is an industrial strength rinsing compound that was developed to remove the dulling, white-chalky residue left behind by ice melting products. It neutralizes the corrosive film left behind without harming painted or finished surfaces. Product Code Gallons GSC385BX  Pail GSC385P  Drums GSC385 -DR30  -DR55 [Read More...]

NEXGEN SNOW AWAY helps to prevent the bonding of snow and ice to pavements when used before snow falls. This pre-treatment will accelerate the action of solid ice melt products that are applied after NEXGEN SNOW AWAY has been applied. Product Code Pail GSA286P  Drums GSA286 -DR30  -DR55 [Read More...]

NEXGEN SNOW PLOW COATING deposits a hard, slippery layer of silicone on plow blades and other snow removal equipment. Snow slides off treated surfaces easier and faster, allowing more snow to be moved with less fuel and less wear on equipment. Product Code Gallons GRN710BX  Pail GRN710P  Drums GRN710 -DR30  [Read More...]

NEXGEN WINDSHIELD DEICER CONCENTRATE fights ice, frost and snow for maximum visibility, less warm-up time and safer driving. It contains special detergents to remove dirt, grime, bugs and salt residue and leaves windshields clear and streak-free. Product Code Gallons GWD820BX  Pail GWD820P  Drums GWD820 -DR30  -DR55   [Read More...]

ONE STEP WASH N WAX is a uniquely formulated vehicle soap, designed to clean and polish in one application. ONE STEP WASH N WAX is highly concentrated and contains the finest detergents, wetting agents, foam stabilizers and rinse additives for effortless, streak free cleaning. ONE STEP WASH N WAX quickly [Read More...]

PELLET DEICER pellets are a blend of calcium, sodium, potassium, and strontium chloride that generate exothermic heat to power through and dissolve ice and snow. Effective to -25F. Product Code GPD600 [Read More...]

RED SIL RTV silicone is an excellent adhesive, sealant and caulk. It is ideally suited wherever a strong, permanently flexible weatherproof caulk, adhesive or sealant is needed. Excellent as an adhesive for bonding plastic and metal. Works well in high humidity, is mildew resistant, and won't fade or discolor with [Read More...]

Cleans, shines, and protects vinyl, tires and other rubber surfaces in one simple application. No wiping, touching or messy rags required. Simply spray on and wipe to a shine. When used on tires, no wiping is necessary. Dries in minutes, leaving a glossy protective finish. Penetrates rubber to protect it [Read More...]

SHINE IT ON WATERMELON is an easy to use product which shines and protects in one easy application. SHINE IT ON WATERMELON keeps vinyl and plastic looking showroom new, while prolonging its life. SHINE IT ON WATERMELON requires no wiping, no touching and no messy rags. Product Code ASW211 [Read More...]

SHINE IT ON wipes are the fast and easy way to clean and protect all surfaces of your vehicle. Pre-moistened with an advanced water-based silicone formula, SHINE IT ON wipes condition and protect leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces, both inside and outside the vehicle, while they clean and restore [Read More...]

SPOT IT is a uniquely formulated blend of wet and dry cleaning agents and degreasers. SPOT IT removes stains due to dirt, ink, grease, oil, mud, ketchup, urine, vomit, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, chocolate and blood. SPOT IT quickly saturates materials for instant cleaning, and leaves no residue. [Read More...]

STAR POWER is a super concentrated, heavy-duty degreaser formulated for industrial use. STAR POWER emulsifies grease and oil on contact, and can be used on engines, tools, concrete floors, stoves, hoods, mechanical equipment and more. STAR POWER is designed to attack and clean the dirtiest, greasiest areas. STAR POWER is [Read More...]

STAR SHINE is an aerosol glass, mirror and all surface cleaner. Easy to use, simple spray and wipe formula. Dries without leaving any film or residue. STAR SHINE dissolves grease, dirt, pollution film and fingerprints in one wipe. Safe on windows, mirrors, windshields, chrome, tile, porcelain, acrylics, polycarbonates and more. [Read More...]

STAR-LON is a chemically inert, non-oily, non-staining, fast drying lubricant and release agent, containing an extremely fine Teflon* powder. STAR-LON forms an outstanding microscopic film which is more slippery than silicone, graphite or oil. STAR-LON provides superior friction reduction in all metal on metal, rubber on metal, and metal on [Read More...]

ULTRA PEN has been formulated to quickly penetrate rust, corrosion and moisture. ULTRA PEN is a powerful, multiple action penetrant and protective shield. ULTRA PEN can be used on wet or dry surfaces. ULTRA PEN's four way action lubricates, penetrates, displaces moisture and prevents rust from forming. ULTRA PEN is [Read More...]

UNDERCOAT is a unique spray which undercoats, deadens sound, prevents rust and seals most surfaces. UNDERCOAT provides a durable, flexible, rubberized film which seals and acoustically reduces unwanted vibration and sound. UNDERCOAT protects metal parts against the harmful effects of water, salt, battery acids and most other chemicals. UNDERCOAT stays [Read More...]

A liquid leather, vinyl and rubber conditioner and protectant containing a high percentage of solids for long lasting results. VINYL DRESSING renews, protects and restores leather and vinyl in areas where worn or exposed to environmental aging. Highly concentrated formulation, one easy application provides long lasting results. Product Code QVD114 [Read More...]

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