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Cdiff™ Disinfectant Tablets are bleach free and utilize an active ingredient called sodium troclosene.  Sodium troclosene is much more stable than sodium hypochlorite, and releases chlorine at a much slower rate.  This means that Cdiff™ Disinfectant Tablets produce a solution that maintains disinfecting power for 7 days, in a sealed [Read More...]

These peel and stick chalkboard decals are easy to use and instantly transform your walls, doors or windows into a completely usable chalkboard. They are perfect for notes to colleagues, project lists for maintenance shops, labeling laundry carts, writing down who is working on a certain project, menus or listing [Read More...]

LUBE ALL WHITE is a multi-purpose, high purity food grade lubricant that provides long lasting grease protection. Withstands heat to 500°F. Temperatures above 400°F may require periodic reapplication. Product Code BLW103 [Read More...]

OVEN EASE A is an industrial strength, caustic-based oven cleaner formulated to clean stubborn, baked-on grease, grime, carbon build-up, soot and spills. Its clinging formula is designed for use on ovens, broilers, barbecue grills, rotisseries and more. Recommended for use only on porcelain, enamel, iron and stainless steel. Works on [Read More...]

SAN LUBE II is a mineral oil based, food grade lubricant authorized for use by the U.S.D.A. SAN LUBE II is the modern, safe and sanitary method of lubricating dairy and food processing equipment using a USP grade lubricant. Containing no vegetable or animal fats, SAN LUBE II is safe, [Read More...]

TROPICAL MAGIC is a 100% biodegradable all surface cleaner that degreases, deodorizes and freshens with a light tropical fragrance.  TROPICAL MAGIC contains no phosphates, solvents, or other harsh chemicals, and leaves no sticky residue. Product Code QTM017 [Read More...]

ULTRA SIL is a dry silicone spray specifically designed for use in the food packaging and processing industries. ULTRA SIL also works exceptionally well for many industrial and commercial uses. ULTRA SIL is colorless, non-staining, odorless, quick drying, non-greasy and even heat stable. ULTRA SIL has the highest USDA rating [Read More...]

WIPE OFF CLEAR Oven and Grill Cleaner is a strong thick liquid gel cleaner that quickly dissolves oven grime, carbon deposits and grease build-up. This powerful cleaner works fast but does not have the harsh fumes common to most oven cleaners. Product Code GWO419BX [Read More...]

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