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A pleasantly scented ready-to-use product that is applied directly to the mop head. Works effectively to attract and hold foreign materials, such as soils and dust, onto the mop head. Prolongs dust mop life. Will not streak floors with waxes that are often found in competitive products. Product Code ADU334 [Read More...]

NEUTRA KLEEN easily removes all types of soils from most surfaces not harmed by water. Although NEUTRA KLEEN is gentle and mild, it will attack all types of grease and grime and hold the soil in suspension for easy removal. NEUTRA KLEEN rinses completely film free. NEUTRA KLEEN may be [Read More...]

This Non-Ammoniated Wax Stripper is a labor saving, no rinse stripper for resilient floors. A deep penetrating stripper that requires no machine scrubbing, rinsing or neutralizing to properly prepare your resilient floors for re-coating with a floor finish. This product allows you to strip your floors and be ready to [Read More...]

RESTORE is a neutral synthetic restorer containing high quality acrylic floor finish  that revives gloss and shines in one step.  It is designed to extend the life of floor finish, yet keep floors looking "just waxed" between strippings. Apply with a mop, sponge, or sprayer. RESTORE is safe on all [Read More...]

ULTRA 23 is a high solid content (23%), metal interlock floor finish with a built-in sealer. Easy to apply, no buffing or polishing required. Provides long lasting, wet look affect. For extra gloss, shine and durability use with 175-rpm low speed or 350 rpm high-speed floor machine. This new system [Read More...]

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