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Nex Tape

NEXTAPE is a revolutionary silicone repair tape designed for use wherever a tough, high temperature, permanently resilient insulation or seal is required. NEXTAPE is versatile and easy to use, with no sticky residue. Properly installed, NEXTAPE provides an air tight, moisture-free seal around hoses, fittings, tubes and wire harness bundles. NEX TAPE can be used for for everything from emergency repairs to electrical wiring, to waterproofing and pipe repair. NEXTAPE is resistant to oil, fuel, solvent, saltwater and UV rays. NEXTAPE withstands 600 psi, up to 500 degrees F of heat, plus it insulates to 400 volts/mil (8,000 volts per layer). Simply put, NEXTAPE is a self fusing repair tape that should be in every toolbox. Each roll is 1 inch x 10 feet, and stretches up to 30 feet in application. Available in black, red, yellow and clear. Black also comes in Large 2 inch by 36 foot rolls. SDS not needed for this product. Product Code BNT568  -R red  -C clear  -B black  -Y yellow  Large BNT568L

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