Wonder Pads – Proline Industrial

Wonder Pads

WONDER PADS are 100% all natural fiber absorbent pads, made from recycled waste products. WONDER PADS have a high density to absorption ratio, and are able to absorb and hold up to 25 times their own weight in oils, solvents, paints and most water based liquids. In fact, each WONDER PAD will absorb almost a full gallon of spilled material. WONDER PADS are excellent for drip containment, or for picking up existing spills. WONDER PADS are all natural, easy to use, and work like a sponge, completely picking up the spill and leaving the area dry with no slippery residue. WONDER PADS white are oil specific and WONDERPADS PLUS multicolor are for a variety of spills. Product Code White BWP458  multicolor BWP458P

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