Soy Graffiti Remover – Proline Industrial

Soy Graffiti Remover

SOY GRAFFITI REMOVER is a soy based, heavy duty graffiti remover. SOY GRAFFITI REMOVER is extremely effective, biodegradable and made with sustainable, plant-based ingredients. SOY GRAFFITI REMOVER works well on all hard surfaces, such as Lexan, plastic, laminate, glass, Formica, baked enamel surfaces, brick, metal, brass, chrome, tile, concrete and more. SOY GRAFFITI REMOVER quickly removes paint, ink, permanent marker, crayon, adhesive, tar, lipstick, scuff marks and many other marks. SOY GRAFFITI REMOVER even works well on most road signs, and is safe on some reflective coatings. Product Code QSG939



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