Scrub ‘N Clean – Proline Industrial

Scrub ‘N Clean

SCRUB ‘N CLEAN is a heavy duty, industrial strength lotion hand soap. SCRUB ‘N CLEAN has been fortified with extremely fine scrubbers to enhance the cleaning ability of the soap. The scrubbers have the same cleaning ability of pumice, but with a smoother type action that is less abrasive to the skin. The tiny scrubbers have uniform consistencies that clean with a gentle rolling action, removing dirt, grime and grease without scratching the skin. SCRUB ‘N CLEAN also contains unique emollients to help soften and condition the skin as it cleans. SCRUB ‘N CLEAN is easily rinsed and leaves a clean, pleasant fragrance to the hands when finished. Product Code BNC411  Hand Pump E904  Wall dispenser ESD372



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