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Odor Digester Bags and Granules

ODOR DIGESTER BAG removes odors from the air like a magnet. There is no need to come into contact with the source of the odor to work, simply place the bag near the odor in order to freshen the whole room. ODOR DIGESTER GRANULES can be sprinkled anywhere odors are a problem such as trash areas, cans and dumpsters, or on carpets to be vacuumed up. ODOR DIGESTER cleans the air by absorbing and neutralizing odors without chemicals or fragrances that can actually add to the levels of indoor air pollutants. Completely safe to use anywhere and can even be disposed of by adding to soil or placing in green waste recycling. Use to remove smoke, pet odors, musty mildew, trash and dumpster odors, urine, skunk and more! Product Code Bag BOB492  Granules BOBK201



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