NexZymes Block – Proline Industrial

NexZymes Block

The NEXZYMES BLOCK is a solid, bacterial laden brick for use in degrading organic waste grease traps. The NEXZYMES BLOCK contains safe, naturally occurring bacteria, which are present in high numbers to handle difficult organic problems. The unique NEXZYMES BLOCK will gradually dissolve over a 35 to 120 day period, depending on flow rates, which allows for continuous treatment and degradation of grease. The naturally occurring bacteria contained in the NEXZYMES BLOCK reduce odors, sludge, fats, oils and grease build up. The NEXZYMES BLOCK eliminates the need for manually dosing of liquid or powder bacteria, and also eliminates the need for costly metering pumps. The NEXZYMES BLOCK automatically generates and maintains the proper daily doses of bacteria. 5 OR 10 LB BLOCKS. Product Code 5 LB BGP9342  10 LB BNZ9342



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