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Blue Power +

BLUE POWER + is a premium quality butyl cleaner and degreaser. BLUE POWER + is a truly heavy-duty concentrated degreaser/cleaner, with dilution rates up to 100:1. BLUE POWER combines a high butyl content, with silicates, caustic soda, wetting agents, rust inhibitors and other special ingredients to form a high-powered product. BLUE POWER + will work in any type of water hardness and temperature. BLUE POWER + quickly attacks and emulsifies greases and oils as well as decarbonizes. BLUE POWER + is not intended for use on aluminum. BLUE POWER + has been formulated to use where weaker products have failed. Comes in quarts and bulk sizes. Product Codes Quarts QBS175  Gallons GBS175BX  Pail GBS175P  Drums GBS175 – DR20  -DR30  -DR55

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