Air Care Cover and Base – Proline Industrial

Air Care Cover and Base

AIR CARE is a unique way to handle malodors. The AIR CARE BASE is a battery operated motor driven fan that moves fragrances further than a typical passive system, thus freshening larger areas. The natural fragranced COVER is impregnated with the fragrance, no liquids, aerosols or cartridges. AIR CARE BASE is the only air freshener dispenser that uses the COVER of the dispenser as the air freshener itself. AIR CARE COVERS are available in the following fragrances, cucumber melon, kiwi grapefruit, mango, ocean mist and spiced apple. Product Codes BCC580  -CM cucumber Melon  -KG kiwi grapefruit  -MN mango  -OM ocean mist  -SA spiced apple.  Air Care Base ECB579



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