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Common Cleaning Mistakes

Common Cleaning MistakesThere are many cleaning mistakes that business owners and employees often make without realizing it. These things happen day in and day out and while they seem inconsequential, they may be costing you valuable time, energy, and money in potential maintenance and repairs. Here are some of the top commercial cleaning mistakes you […]

Repair or Replace??

“If the maintenance costs get high enough, we will just replace it.” This phrase seems to represent a common attitude throughout both maintenance and manufacturing industries. This belief often represents an inaccurate understanding of where high maintenance costs come from and what the proper method for reducing them would be. Many asset managers still operate […]

Are you adapting or are you just getting by?

Are you adapting or just getting by…. In the past two years we have all been forced to rethink just about everything and find ways to adapt to a changing environment. How you adapt could be the difference between running smoothly or being over-stressed and over-budget. Since this is such an important issue right now, I […]

Dealing with Inflation – Cost management

How can I deal with this inflation? Yet another gift left over from the pandemic is that everything costs more and it is unclear if or when we might get some relief. Product shortages, supply bottlenecks, hiring difficulties, increased wages, delivery cost increases and more, are affecting bottom lines and squeezing budgets everywhere.In the facility […]

Workplace Safety

Maintenance work can be dangerous work as it can often involve many of the most unsafe activities like working on ladders or scaffolding, disturbing asbestos, working with electricity and even moving parts in equipment. Each task is different, and maintenance techs are frequently in direct contact with machines and other hazards, and that could lead […]

Safety While Using Chemicals

Safety while using chemicals Cleaning products play an essential role in keeping public facilities and equipment clean and working properly. By safely and effectively removing soils, germs and other contaminants, they prevent the spread of diseases and control allergens, like dust and mold, helping us to stay healthy. Chemicals used in cleaning products, such as […]

So What Is Industrial Maintenance Anyway?

Industrial Maintenance is the work done by technicians or mechanics to manage machinery and equipment in a facility or assets on a property in order to meet the business objectives. It involves troubleshooting, fixing, and replacing equipment to improve asset performance. The demands of competitive marketplaces and intolerance of downtime have increased and so have […]

Cross Contamination – not only a hospital concern

Frequent training on cleaning procedures that guard against cross contamination is important in all public facilities. As managers, you cannot assume that cleaning and maintenance personnel know the correct methods. Even when the information is known, employees may need reminders of proper protocol so they understand the importance of not cutting corners. A manager’s top […]

Maintenance Records

Importance of Consistent Maintenance Records Facility managers know of the importance of record keeping for maintenance, repairs, and inspections of equipment within commercial facilities. We have all heard the benefits of maintaining equipment so that it does not cost more later in down time and preventable repairs. There are many additional reasons to keep accurate […]

Concrete Maintenance and Care

Concrete is care free and maintenance free, correct? Well, not exactly. In most cases concrete is a durable, long-lasting product without much maintenance. Properly maintaining concrete, however, can greatly extend the life and the beauty of the concrete. Plain concrete can look clean and bright and decorative concrete can look the same after years of […]

Ways to Increase MPG’s

Ways to increase MPGElectric vehicles are obviously more fuel-efficient than gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. But for those who have fleets of gas or diesel vehicles, changing isn’t an option anytime in the near future. How do you save money in the meantime with fuel prices skyrocketing? Here are a few tips. Some you may have […]

Locker Room Cleanliness

Locker Room Cleanliness Locker rooms in fitness centers, hotel gyms and spas can be a place where harmful germs, viruses and parasites love to fester and hide. With more people using these facilities at this time of the year, it is important to properly maintain them. Unclean surfaces can spread bacteria, fungal infections, plantar warts, […]

Finding Maintenance Techs In Today’s Market

Finding maintenance techs in todays job market There are many challenges to finding the right maintenance technicians and managers at any given time and recent times have made it even more difficult. New projects added onto old requirements, seemingly fewer applicants to choose from, and trying to find people with the correct skill set, mindset, […]

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