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Maintenance Records

Importance of Consistent Maintenance Records Facility managers know of the importance of record keeping for maintenance, repairs, and inspections of equipment within commercial facilities. We have all heard the benefits of maintaining equipment so that it does not cost more later in down time and preventable repairs. There are many additional reasons to keep accurate […]

Concrete Maintenance and Care

Concrete is care free and maintenance free, correct? Well, not exactly. In most cases concrete is a durable, long-lasting product without much maintenance. Properly maintaining concrete, however, can greatly extend the life and the beauty of the concrete. Plain concrete can look clean and bright and decorative concrete can look the same after years of […]

Ways to Increase MPG’s

Ways to increase MPGElectric vehicles are obviously more fuel-efficient than gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. But for those who have fleets of gas or diesel vehicles, changing isn’t an option anytime in the near future. How do you save money in the meantime with fuel prices skyrocketing? Here are a few tips. Some you may have […]

Locker Room Cleanliness

Locker Room Cleanliness Locker rooms in fitness centers, hotel gyms and spas can be a place where harmful germs, viruses and parasites love to fester and hide. With more people using these facilities at this time of the year, it is important to properly maintain them. Unclean surfaces can spread bacteria, fungal infections, plantar warts, […]

Finding Maintenance Techs In Today’s Market

Finding maintenance techs in todays job market There are many challenges to finding the right maintenance technicians and managers at any given time and recent times have made it even more difficult. New projects added onto old requirements, seemingly fewer applicants to choose from, and trying to find people with the correct skill set, mindset, […]

Delayed Maintenance

To Delay or not Delay Maintenance.(That should not be the question.) We have all been there. Procrastination. Whether the cause is insufficient funding, not enough staff, or other reasons. We have all posed the questions “What’s the harm in waiting another hour or day? What’s one more month really going to do?” Before you know it, a […]


As humans our sense of smell is powerful enough to create emotions, perceptions, and even memories. Scents, both pleasant and unpleasant, can evoke a strong response and can remind us of places we’ve been and experiences we had there. When we visit public buildings like office buildings, hotels, gyms, restaurants, airports, and theaters — unpleasant […]

Staff Requirements

Staffing Levels by the NumbersHow to reasonably assess maintenance staffing is an often-posed question among fleet managers and facility maintenance managers. Many organizations do not determine how many techs are required to maintain their fleet or facilities. Many report that staffing levels at their shop have been the same for years and no one knows […]

Aren’t Grease and Lubricant the Same?

Aren’t Grease and Lubricant the same? Many people think that lubricants and grease are same. Both aim to lubricate equipment and prevent damage through metal-to-metal contact. The biggest difference setting grease apart from oil is its thickener. Grease is oil that contains a thickener, not just a thicker oil. Grease consists of two main components, a […]

Hard Flooring Care

One of the first things someone sees when entering your facility are your floors, which can help shape their perceptions of how clean the entire building is. Hard flooring that looks dirty, scuffed or dull can give the impression that the facility’s cleanliness standards are lacking. By developing a maintenance program which includes cleaning and polishing […]

Why would I want an electrostatic sprayer ?

What would I use it for after COVID?The right electrostatic sprayer can be used with a multitude of products. Using deodorizers, and sanitizing against viruses such as Flu or MRSA should be a year-round habit. What are the benefits of electrostatic technology?*Electrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to disinfectants and other liquids as they pass through the nozzle. The positively […]

Penetrants vs. Lubricants (Part 2)

Last time we went over penetrating oils that are used to free frozen nuts, bolts, locks, and other metal items that usually contain rust and corrosion.This time we will get a little more into lubricants that are used to protect metal parts and keep them from becoming stuck in the first place.   What are lubricants?A lubricant […]

Penetrants vs. Lubricants Part 1

Penetrants vs. Lubricants (Part 1) Penetrating oils are used to free frozen nuts, bolts, locks, and other metal items that usually contain rust and corrosion. Lubricating oils are used to protect metal parts and keep them from becoming stuck in the first place. They are also used to quiet squeaks, noises and friction that come from metal parts rubbing together.Today […]

Winterize Vehicles and Equipment

Winterize Your Vehicles and Equipment (another handy checklist) Last time we went over ways to prep your commercial property for winter. It is just as important to prep and take care of your vehicles and snow removal equipment to keep them in top shape so they perform well and won’t leave you out in the cold. Wash […]

Winterize Commercial Buildings

Winter-proof your commercial property PlumbingDon’t wait until a costly leak or burst pipe rears its head. Building’s pipes may burst with freezing temperatures. Ensure that your plumbing system is well insulated. Check the irrigation system, exterior faucets, and drain hoses. Insulate and seal cracks and openings around exposed pipes. Heating systemsMake sure you are getting […]

Inviting Exteriors

An inviting and appealing entrance area is important for commercial buildings of all types, apartment complexes and residential facilities. Some simple changes like unique pathways, different textures and colors, and seating areas can help draw customers into your facility.  Creating Inviting Outdoor Areas:without breaking your back or your bank account Adding colorful plants to complement […]

Beneficial Bacteria

Put bacteria to work for you removing odors and build-ups Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms that thrive in diverse environments. They can be used in food processing, biotechnology, medicines, cleaners and so much more. Bacteria for cleaning and odor control are incredibly helpful for those who maintain buildings and other facilities on a daily basis. […]

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