Locker Room Cleanliness

Locker Room Cleanliness

Locker rooms in fitness centers, hotel gyms and spas can be a place where harmful germs, viruses and parasites love to fester and hide. With more people using these facilities at this time of the year, it is important to properly maintain them. Unclean surfaces can spread bacteria, fungal infections, plantar warts, strep and more. Failure to keep fitness centers, locker rooms and spa areas free of viruses, bacteria and fungi can result in closure of affected areas and loss of client trust in the cleanliness of the facility.

Be sure to use these best practice methods for complete cleaning and disinfecting.

  1. Select a disinfectant that is fast working and broad spectrum. It needs to be EPA certified and gentle on surfaces and users. Using both liquids and pre-saturated wipes provides maximum flexibility.
  2. Train employees the proper order of cleaning procedures. Employees should always disinfect from top to bottom to avoid re-soiling surfaces. Start with shower walls, curtains, and fixtures, then floors and drains. In general areas start with mirrors, then counters, sinks, toilets and finally floors. Wet mop with disinfectant and rinse any residual soap from the floor. Pour the cleaning solution down floor drains to help kill mold or mildew in the drain area.
  3. Point out high risk areas for special attention. Areas like shower drains and grout can encourage mildew, mold and bacteria growth. Treating drains and drying walls when possible can help. It’s important to pay attention to the sides and creases of fitness center mats. Be sure to separate mats and clean the sides and bottoms, allowing them to dry before putting them together again.
  4. Clean often. Locker rooms are high maintenance areas in that they require consistent attention throughout the day. Create a schedule that will accommodate wipe downs during the busier times and that will allow for deeper cleaning during off times. Lockers should be cleaned inside and out, benches disinfected, and counters wiped down throughout the day.
  5. Keep needed items stocked. Be sure the right cleaning products are well stocked and easily accessible on a cart or in a caddy. Soap and sanitizer should be available to guests at all times to reduce the spread of germs. Providing sanitizing wipes for patrons to use on equipment helps, but it should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day to ensure all surfaces are disinfected.
  6. Beyond the locker room. Disinfect areas like mats, exercise equipment and door handles to help reduce the number of germs that make it into the locker room. Don’t forget medicine balls, dumbbells and other stand-alone equipment in a gym and lounge chairs and tables in a spa area.

You can even use an electrostatic fogger to complete your cleaning routine and get into tight areas and hard to reach spaces. This can be the perfect way to make sure you’ve cleaned your environment thoroughly and completely disinfected your space.

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