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Facility Pest Control
You have enough to worry about just trying to operate a clean, safe facility free of health and safety hazards, so why should you have to think about pest control too? Controlling pests at your facility is incredibly important, preventing issues is way better than curing them when it comes to pest infiltration. By the time you see them, they are well established.  A pest infestation can result in financial losses due to stopping operations or vacating rooms during treatment, paying the costs for treatment, using employees time for cleanup instead of other tasks, and replacing any products or equipment that was damaged by the pests.

If you have break rooms, kitchens, food prep areas, a convenience store or employees and tenants who eat on site, you are more susceptible to roaches, rodents, flies and other bacteria-spreading pests. Just their presence can taint stored foods, prep surfaces, tables, dishes and more. Pests are also a threat to quality control. They can damage products, get into machinery, chew wiring and cause many other issues that can affect the quality of the products you provide, even if that product is a place to live.

Outside control can have a positive effect on the enjoyment of exterior spaces as well as keep pests from making their way inside. Many people truly value their outdoor time. Ticks and mosquitoes around a business that has left grass and weeds too long or not fixed drainage issues can cause tenants and employees to be unhappy with the outdoor spaces due to excessive mosquitoes, flies, ticks and fleas. If it gets bad enough they may even look for other places to live and work.

With all of the varying social media, review platforms and news outlets, a pet problem on your property can spread so quickly that you don’t even have time to react. Think about a hotel you may have heard of with bedbugs or the recent news of a large warehouse so contaminated with rodents that much of the merchandise is useless and they are closing some of their locations. Many who hear the news have so many other options of places to shop or stay that they will go elsewhere. It may take quite some time to earn trust back even after the problem is under control.

Here are a few maintenance related ways to help.

Ensure that your garbage collection areas and bins are not only large enough for the waste they need to handle, but keep them clean and provide enclosed areas or containers with lids to help with control of rodents and flies.

Keep basements and crawl spaces ventilated and free of moisture so that it does not provide a habitable environment for pests to live and breed.

Seal cracks and holes in the exterior areas of buildings as well as entry points for utilities. Even spiders can create a mess to clean up with cobwebs in corners and droppings from the insects they consume.

Maintain proper drainage around the facility and ensure irrigation systems are working properly and not leaving extra water around for pests to drink and breed in.

Maintain the proper amount of weather stripping and repair loose mortar around windows, doors and foundations to keep pests from entering buildings.

It should go without saying that kitchens should be clean and well kept at all times. Make sure to also maintain clean surfaces and floors in areas that contain food or where people commonly eat that crumbs may build up. It is also important to ensure that food isn’t stored in employees’ desks or left in a conference room after a meeting. Regularly clean out and declutter storage closets and rooms that are not used very often as pests can easily hide in those areas.

A multi-pronged approach to effective control may include any combination of proper maintenance, commercial pest control services, and supplemental treatment and prevention performed by staff.

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