Winterize Vehicles and Equipment

Winterize Your Vehicles and Equipment
 (another handy checklist)

Last time we went over ways to prep your commercial property for winter. It is just as important to prep and take care of your vehicles and snow removal equipment to keep them in top shape so they perform well and won’t leave you out in the cold.

Wash your vehicles regularly
It may seem like a waste of time, but it is very important to keep your vehicles clean during winter. Road salt is corrosive and is tough on vehicles and equipment. Dirt, grime and salt buildup on headlights, taillights, windshield, mirrors and back up cameras may leave you with low visibility and lead to accidents. Waxing your vehicle will add an extra layer of protection for the paint. Remember to use lukewarm water instead of hot water. Ensure to invest in quality detergents and wax, which is beneficial to your vehicle’s finishes. Use rubber mats to protect your carpet from stains and damage.

Inspect Vehicles for damage
The corrosive nature of road salt can damage your vehicle’s exhaust system, brake lines, gas lines and undercarriage and corrode metal connections. Cracks in equipment may lead to moisture penetration or breakage during a job. Be sure to inspect lubrication, fuel quality and needed additives, engine oil, filters, diesel exhaust fluid, and air filtration, to keep engines running at their best. Wrap exposed connections with silicone tape to protect from corrosion.

Replace wiper blades
To keep visibility at optimal levels, take care of your wiper blades and make sure you have good quality windshield wiper fluid that is rated for your temperatures.

Pre-treat surfaces for easy cleanup and more efficient operation.
Using a protective winter coating on items like snow blowers, plow attachments, shovels, snow buckets, pushers and scrapers will make the snow slide off easier, increasing efficiency and making cleanup much easier. Use deicer on windshields and in locks to keep from freezing.

Emergency Kit
Don’t forget to add a shovel and emergency kit to your winter vehicles. If your vehicle gets stuck in a storm, a shovel may be needed to get it going again. If you cannot get back on the road for any reason having extra warm clothes, blankets, gloves, flashlight, water and snacks like nuts or protein bars can mean the difference of being self-sufficient or needing to call for help.

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