Why would I want an electrostatic sprayer ?

What would I use it for after COVID?
The right electrostatic sprayer can be used with a multitude of products. Using deodorizers, and sanitizing against viruses such as Flu or MRSA should be a year-round habit.
What are the benefits of electrostatic technology?
*Electrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to disinfectants and other liquids as they pass through the nozzle. The positively charged liquid is attracted to negatively charged surfaces, which allows for efficient coating of hard nonporous surfaces.   
*Electrostatic spraying reduces the time it takes to actually spread and cover as well as disinfect all surfaces, nooks and crannies included, improving infection control and reducing the spread of viruses.
*Chemicals are applied in a much more complete manner, spray wraps around surfaces like doorknobs and chairs.
*Application is 70% faster than a trigger sprayer or using a pre-moistened wipe.
*Get full coverage more efficiently while using less product in less time.
What to look for in and electrostatic sprayer
Multiple nozzle sizes – this allows the sprayer to be used with multiple products and provide the same effectiveness.
Nozzle size should be larger than 40 microns – under 40 microns it is considered a fogger and the particles can be breathed in.
Sprayer should use a hydraulic pump rather than a fan – Use of a fan causes the chemical to lose its charge faster and it sprays with less control than with a hydraulic pump.
Chemical resistant seals and gaskets – Make sure all seals and gaskets are chemical resistant to maximize performance and durability.
Check or test noise level – sprayers can range from whisper quiet to annoyingly loud.
OSHA certified – non-certified sprayers can cause safety issues.
FCC certified – Is should be approved for use around sensitive electronics like CT scanners and other medical devices.
Tank size – is the tank size manageable? At approximately 8 lbs per gallon for water, if tank is too large it will be cumbersome to handle.
Battery and charger surge protection – ensures protection from heat, overcharging and moisture.
IPX rating – should be at least IPX 3 to be considered safe.
Glass filled housing – allows you to use any product in the sprayer because internal parts are protected by the coating.

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