Inviting Exteriors

An inviting and appealing entrance area is important for commercial buildings of all types, apartment complexes and residential facilities. Some simple changes like unique pathways, different textures and colors, and seating areas can help draw customers into your facility.

Creating Inviting Outdoor Areas:
without breaking your back or your bank account

Adding colorful plants to complement the landscaping, or pots with colorful flowers that could even be moved to different locations for variety can be very eye-catching. Use annuals in high visibility areas for maximum impact and flexibility. Use perennials where possible to cut down on costs of replacement each year.

Seating areas create a sense of relaxation and can be as elaborate as stone and concrete hardscape, or as simple as adding a wooden bench with pots of flowers around it.

Don’t forget the outdoor lighting. A brightly lit facility is safer and more inviting at night. With many solar options available wiring is no longer a concern. Lighting can be added quickly to an area that does not have electricity nearby as long as the area gets some sunshine.

When considering what plants to use, do an internet search for native plants in your area. They will naturally thrive and require less maintenance. Drought tolerant plants cut watering costs. You can also use creeping perennials instead of grass in some areas to cut down even more on watering and mowing.

If you find it is time for a full outdoor makeover, consider hardscaping that never needs weeding or watering. Interest and color can be added with statues, fountains, potted plantings, and incorporated seating. Meandering paths offer a pleasant experience for those visiting the facility.

Maintaining Outdoor Areas:

Walk the garden or outdoor areas for relaxation as well as observation. Look around for signs of damage. A wilting plant may mean a non-functional dripper, an area of soggy grass could indicate a broken pipe or sprinkler head, or perhaps even a drainage issue.

Mowing regularly helps keep lawns healthy, and leaving the clippings on the lawn saves time and cuts down the need for additional fertilizer. Raise the mower deck in summer to leave the grass a little taller; it helps the soil maintain moisture longer.

Control weeds in the area by mulching. You can have bulk mulch delivered directly to the area, or if you are going to have to move the mulch again once on property, you may want to use bagged material to save time and work.

Cleanliness is key. Clean up debris regularly to ensure it does not get worse. Many people are more apt to leave trash if there is already some there. Try adding a trash receptacle near problem areas.

Keep concrete walkways, seating areas and other features clean and inviting. Repair chipped concrete walkways, fill in raised areas to make them smooth and repair stairs that have broken corners. Saving someone from a trip and fall could save you time and money in the long run.

Make sure to clean oil from parking areas to help the surface to last longer and look better. Also, repainting parking lines and curbs makes the area feel fresh and new.

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