Carpet Care

Since we went over hard floor care last time,
I figured we should give a shout out to carpet too.

Carpets are a great addition to many buildings as they provide warmth and interest. Large venues such as casinos and convention centers benefit from carpet’s ability to muffle sound and its relatively affordable cost. It is helpful in high traffic facilities since it hides and traps dirt and grime carried in on shoes, found in the atmosphere or dropped or spilled. As a result, carpet requires a little work to properly maintain. Not performing routine maintenance can mean greater wear and tear that can shorten the life of the carpet.

Daily vacuuming in the highest traffic areas is a must to remove dust, dirt and debris that has been tracked in during the day. This dust and dirt can act almost like sandpaper against the carpet fibers when walked on, and when it is humid, it can cause mold to grow, making the carpet a perfect breeding ground for mites and other microorganisms that can cause allergies. Areas with less traffic may not require daily vacuuming but should still be cleaned regularly to prolong its life and ensure the comfort of customers and employees alike.

Remove spills as quickly as possible and spot clean stains in between deep cleanings to help keep stains from setting into the fibers of the carpet. This can save time and energy in the long run because the carpet may not require deep cleanings as often.

Injection and extraction is the most efficient and effective method for deep cleaning. A solution of water and cleaner is injected into the carpet, then the dirty water is extracted with a powerful vacuum to remove accumulated dirt and filth from the base of the carpet, leaving no residue behind.
Bonnet cleaning and steam cleaning are also used in carpet care, however bonnet cleaning can leave dirt behind and the heat required for steam cleaning can sometimes damage the pile of carpet, shortening its life.

Here are a few preventative measures that are cost effective
and prolong the life of carpeting.

**Keep the exterior area clean so there is less dirt to be tracked in.
**Walk off matts help catch extra soil and moisture at entry points.
**Use desk and chair mats to protect the carpet from damage.
**Keep an effective spot cleaner handy to quickly address soils and stains.
**Maintaining clean air filters can reduce the amount of dust in the air
that will eventually end up in the carpet.
**Vacuum often and deep clean at least once per year.

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