How to Get Drivers to Take Better Care of Their Vehicles

Bus Barns, Fleet Garages, and Auto Shops have a huge responsibility to keep vehicles running smoothly and looking great! Whether you have a fleet or just a few vehicles, maintenance can be a challenge. Industrial strength products can help make your job much easier!

Getting the drivers of company vehicles to do their part in helping maintain vehicles can be challenging.

Setting expectations from the beginning with a policy that clearly defines the driver’s responsibilities is key.  Reliability directly impacts productivity and drivers who don’t treat their vehicles well increase your workload to maintain vehicles.

  • Set expectations for proper car care both inside and out.
  • Have a vehicle use agreement outlining the employee’s responsibilities while using a company vehicle.
  • Provide a checklist periodically reminding them of items they are responsible for.
  • Hold drivers responsible for negligent care. Drivers that have a vested interest in the quality of the car are more likely to make the effort to maintain a vehicle.
  • Many employees do not think about the fact that increased repair costs resulting from vehicle neglect directly affects not only their earning potential, but also the company’s bottom line and your workload.
  • Communicate the importance of regular maintenance, including checking tire pressures.
  • Shut off the driver’s fuel card for non-compliance or past due PMs.
  • Reward drivers who take exemplary care of their vehicles. Even a small treat or heart-felt “thank you” for reducing your workload can go a long way.
  • Providing quality products to make interior cleaning easier may even get drivers to help with that part of the maintenance more often.
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